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To make us dream is the mission that Richard Cameron Morneau, a virtuoso circus, pursues! As Peter Pan, he invites us to leave the world of adults, too oppressive and conventional, to lull us into his imaginary country ... Get ready to fly, "Second to the right and straight on till morning!”

During a circus performance, exit rationality, sensitivity up!

Richard's life path, just like the art he creates, is atypical. Fairiesseem indeed to have examined its cradle, offering gifts to the arts. He practices different sports, and shares his time between his two passions while constantly striving to develop his talents. It is still unknown what ‘je ne sais quoi’ would completely fill him up.

Dancing is a form of enlightenment to him and performing on stage his destiny. Early in his development he took classes in different styles and proved himself a gifted student. However, the need in him to strive for more and reach greater heights remained unfulfilled. This passion led him to the circus world and provided the kickstart he needed. The Quebec Circus school recognized his talent and recruited him and turned him into an accomplished acrobat. Richard became excelled in aerial acrobats and proceeded to prove his exceptional talent by creating the aerial ladder."

Since then, he has appeared in a numerous shows in which he has been conspicuous for his delightful and enthusiastic performances. These include Cirque du Soleil, Cabaret Friedrichsbau Varieté in Germany, Cirque Starlight Productions in Switzerland, or Amos Daragon in Canada. As a consummate artist he distinguished himself through corporate events (performances, entertainment, auto body painting, etc.).

In his creations, Richard Cameron Morneau relates human beings to the machine, a metaphor for a system that degrades the people, the soul and… the being. This forces us to emancipate ourselves well and find out what his art allows him to express and taste the true meaning of the word "freedom".