Auto Body Painting


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Never seen! An artist who transforms before your eyes in an enchanting creature. Yes that’s possible! It makes up the body itself. You have trouble understanding how it happens to achieve this feat, well you only have to see him at work to admire this extraordinary talent. Speed, horriginality, quality of the work, it's all waiting for you. Here the artist to have at your 5-7, wedding, product launch, opening a restaurant or a shop, or any other such event. Add the key to your event with which everyone will want to take pictures for a souvenir. When opening your store, ask him to paint in one of your windows, it is certain that passersby stop to watch. You open your bar, it can happen with some other characters accomplices, all already made up, and they will take possession of the premises (flash mobe). It is certain that everyone will talk about later.

All the themes are varied according to your imagination, the image of your event or business.