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Artwork by Richard Cameron Morneau, the aerial ladder is a unique device taken from the wild imagination of the artist.

This device is rather intriguing and shows strength, agility, and flexibility. It offers the public captivated by his talent an original and unconventional performance, triggering a whole range of emotions and thus deserving rapturous applause.

A delight for the public!

Aerial Ladder

The aerial silk performance illustrates the disturbing moments in life, those moments of impasse during which the veil of life becomes the only thread to cling to. To live is to risk, risking to grow, evolve and rise up to better find that elusive self. It is this truth that links the artist to his performance. It is a heartbreaking performance full of strength and flexibility during which you will experience breathtaking moments. A metaphor for freedom, the performance reminds us of the theme of the tireless fight conducted for survival.

This show recalls silence and is deeply touching to viewers.

Aerial Silk

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Duo on Rope

Autres Talents

In This video, you will see a planty of different skills mastered by this artist. This is not even the quarter of what he is able to do. Richard Cameron Morneau is the artist you need for all your creations.